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"U gonna tell us whatchu doin or do we have to stare at you until you do?"

"U gonna tell us whatchu doin or do we have to stare at you until you do?"

"Dude srsly whatcha doin?!"

"Dude srsly whatcha doin?!"


Clint told him to do it for the vine

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I laugh so much because there isn’t a truer post

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I haven’t seen this video cross my dash yet… but it’s a dozen times better than the IGN one, so you’ve all gotta see it.  =D

It’s kind of funny… I trust Platinum to make an awesome game, but the IGN video didn’t look like what I was expecting.  This one does.  One of the game’s creators is playing, and the game looks so much cooler when someone who knows what they’re doing is at the controls.  XD

They’ve got water and air tornadoes.  Massive area-of-effect earthbending attacks.  That waterbending machine gun shield Tarrlok used in Book 1.  The variety of bending moves is fantastic, and the last firebending finisher they show off is hilariously brutal in the way one might expect from Korra.

And, because they spend so much time talking about the game, you get to see the animations they added for when the player leaves Korra standing there, and they’re nicely in-character too.  She starts stretching if you leave her there for too long, and each bending style has its own waiting stance.

By the way, they confirmed that the game is meant to be canon to the show as a Book 2-Book 3 interquel.  It’ll definitely be something to pick up when it comes out!

myrainbowscreenisbetterthanyours asked
Hello! I want to know your opinion on the future of video games. Specifically on which genre of game you believe to have the most potential in the coming years to gain traction and popularity. Will FPS's still reign or will a new genre take over the mainstream spotlight in the next generation? Also, how has your summer been! (Thank you so much for answering these and previous questions I've asked. It means a lot to hear the opinion of someone I respect a lot!)

FPS is dying a veerrrrryyyyyyy slow death, the reason why they haven’t gone away is because they are still insanely profitable. And as long as they can be million sellers, you know they’re staying around. Unlike how RPG’s ballooned and popped like a sad fart after Final Fantasy 7, these have a better chance at staying around longer because their audience is much, much wider and diverse. But people are still getting bored and want a little bit more out of their shooters.

The way some companies are extending their FPS relevance is by smartly combining them with other genres. Look at Mirror’s edge and its parkour mechanic. Look at Borderlands and Fallout 3 and Destiny, how they are combining RPG elements with FPS and being incredibly successful, and now we have the upcoming Battlecry and also Arena of Fate, which are FPS combined with the most profitable game type as of this moment: MOBA.

LoL is making disgusting amounts of money. So is Smite. Heroes of the Storm is also set to have millions of subscribers that will spill over from WoW, Hearthstone and tired LoL players looking for the flavor of the week. And of course publishers want a piece of that pie. So my opinion is that everyone will try to get some of that sweet, nasty gushy MOBA profit action before it becomes a fad.

As for my summer, it has been rather mild, which at this time of the year is rather disconcerting in Texas. It feels unnatural, we’re supposed to be frying alive as soon as we step out, not be greeted by a gentle breeze.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but yeah. Climate change and stuff.

Thanks for the questions! I thoroughly enjoy ranting in these. And if anyone else read this far, I commend you on your patience and attention span.